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Pest Control

Complete Pest Control Service
Raccoon in the attic? Wildlife Agent offers a complete wildlife control service. We are very familiar with all the local pests and with a few of the transients as well. Bats, raccoons, skunks, you name it. We are fully trained and experienced in finding all the places animals hide and how to treat for them. As big as a raccoon or as small as a bee, your pest is our problem. Call us for your animal removal needs.

We Provide the Following Services

• Pest Control • Wildlife Removal
• Rodent Removal • Honey Bee Removal
• Exotic Species Removal
• Humane Animal Control  

Wildlife Agent provides customized animal control services that are focused on each customer’s individual needs. Proudly serving Delaware County and Otsego County since 1972. Call today for a free estimate for all your wildlife removal needs!